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Ditch or Date?

Never before have we had so much choice of getting a date. Yet more and more, we hear ‘I can’t find a decent guy.’ ‘all the good men are taken’ etc, etc…

The way we live today has trained us to make quick decisions…but not necessarily the right ones.

How can you ensure you make the right choice when you ask yourself the question ‘Should I Ditch Him?’

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5 Simple Ways To Get Him Hooked On You

Have you ever seen a woman that seems to enthral men effortlessly? It can feel like they are casting a magic spell. Well let me dispel the myth, because every woman has the power to captivate a man and there are some very simple things you can do to both fascinate and mesmerise him.

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Why Should You Give Him A Second Chance (Or Not)?

You have been dating a guy and slowly, or rapidly, he disappears from your life. Maybe he gave you a weak reason, Or maybe he just vanished. But now he has reappeared asking for a forgiveness. Now you must ask yourself the question ‘Should I Give Him a Second Chance?

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3 Secret Ways to Avoid Getting Into the Wrong Relationship

Most of us struggle with recognising red flags at the beginning of a relationship. This is because we can get caught up in the fun we are having and the attraction we are feeling. However it’s so important that we pick up on these red flags because recognising these signs early on can save a lot of energy, emotion and heartache spent on the wrong person. How can you avoid getting into the wrong relationship and stop choosing the wrong men?

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