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Could He Be The One? The Danger of Premature Selection

Have you ever been in a position where you have thought, ‘What’s the point of wasting my time dating other men when I like this man so much?’ A man that appears so great that all the others pale into insignificance.

It can be a difficult situation when your heart is telling you ‘yes’ but your head is saying it is just too soon. The truth is the heart often wins out because of the intensity of the feelings but is that the right choice?

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The Secret Truth About Why Men Act Distant

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you have been dating a great man and then, suddenly, he becomes harder to pin down than the Scarlet Pimpernel? The relationship may seemingly be going really well and then out of the blue he vanishes into thin air.

What is going on and why has everything changed so suddenly?

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The Simple Way To Make Men Pursue You

Have you ever yearned for something you just must have? It can occupy our minds and thoughts to the point where we can think of nothing else. Just look at the queues outside an Apple store when a new product is launched to see the lengths that some will go to.

Have you ever felt that feeling when you have something that others want but haven’t got? On a level we like it, it gives us bragging rights, it makes us feel special, and this is especially true of men.

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