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Should I Try Speed Dating?

Speed dating has been a favourite for singles for the last 15 years. Nevertheless, many men and women still raise objections against taking the plunge, preferring instead the couch and the takeaway menu to a night of speed dating. We know that’s not you but you still may have apprehensions about taking part.

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Are Men Only After One Thing?

Are men only after one thing? It’s a question that women have asked for years and many, based on their experiences, draw the conclusion that the answer is ‘Yes’. Well the answer isn’t that simple and it is essential to explore what this question means before labelling all men.

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Second Date Success

A lot has been written about how to handle a first date. However a lot less is written about how to have a successful second date. The first date was about getting to know him and determine whether he is worth seeing again, it doesn’t end there as the second date should be used to further explore if there is potential for a relationship to develop.

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How To Overcome First Date Fears

A lot of men and women get themselves into a state of anxiety when preparing to go on a first date. A little nervousness is not a bad thing if directed towards excitement but if it is holding you back from enjoying dating then it needs to be overcome.

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