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How to Tell if He is Wasting Your Time

Have you ever dated a guy that tells you he likes you but then he only contacts you infrequently and when it suits him? Or, been seeing a guy who says that he is not in the right place to have a relationship but then he continues to contact you. Is he wasting your time?

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The Dangers of Telling Him Too Much Too Soon

Claire left the meeting feeling exhausted; the new head of marketing had just spent the last hour talking at length about regional statistics and projected growth areas, aided by the dullest slides she had ever seen. She concluded that he

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What Do Men Really Want?

David could feel the emotion in Richard’s voice as he told him about his recent date with Jennifer.

“When I look into her eyes, even though we have only been dating a month I know she is the one.”

David’s eyes were glassy and his voice cracked as he expressed “When I close my eyes I see us in the future, married, children, happy…”

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The Simple Way To Make Men Pursue You

Have you ever yearned for something you just must have? It can occupy our minds and thoughts to the point where we can think of nothing else. Just look at the queues outside an Apple store when a new product is launched to see the lengths that some will go to.

Have you ever felt that feeling when you have something that others want but haven’t got? On a level we like it, it gives us bragging rights, it makes us feel special, and this is especially true of men.

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